Monday, August 8, 2011

Back With Garth

So I'm back with Garth Bowden in France, having a lovely time.

Yesterday, with Garth's girlfriend and his brother, and his girlfriend and another friend, I hiked up a mountain not far from here. It was a beautiful hike intermittently shrouded in cloud.  At the top, we ate a delicious feast of fresh bread and cheese and saucisson and tomatoes, and then took a nap on the mountain.  After the hike, we took a skinny dip in the lake below.  Afterwards, I made dinner (curry) and had a nice dinner before relaxing and bed.

Today, I got back to work on Garth's house.  We're working on making his workshop into a bedroom, so we cleared it out and then i began taking out the old render from between the stones.