Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Most Important Photograph

I was diagnosed with scoliosis in second grade. The most important photograph of my life is the first image of my crooked spine. Scoliosis, though a fairly minor disease, has had a large impact on my life, from wearing a back brace for ten years to the looming prospect of major surgery. This photograph gave me deeper understanding of my self, and has since become a deeply ingrained part of my identity. The photo has also connected me with people; the similar images make the experience shared, communal, and collective.
Photography provides new ways of seeing things. Usually it involves framing: choosing what to include and what not to. It often involves depth and perspective. In this case, however, the photograph shows deeper truths, in a very literal sense.

(Note: this is not the actual image, rather a similar image of scoliosis)

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