Sunday, April 11, 2010

Persona Projects I've been seeing


I wanted to use this project to discuss the different primary agents that play a role in determining persona. The middle collage represents societies/ our role in stereotyping who someone is. Rather then trying to say that we judge blindly I was thinking about how we perceive the way someone presents him or herself to the surrounding environment. The panel to the left is meant to separate the notion that the individual has her own power regarding how she is perceived. The last panel refers to my own agency as the photographer to manipulate the situation and mediate the way society determines the subject’s persona. My intent is not to suggest that anyone agent has more power over the situation then any other but just to reference the various ways different parties interact in the formation of an individuals’ persona.

Third Project: Shit Luck

I got my fortune read by three psychics at a convention in Valley City, OH and acted out the most bummerific parts of each on film. These images were first presented as slides, viewed through magnifying loops on a light table. Each bad fortune constitutes the piece's title. I aimed to create intimate, fleeting, seductive images that contrast the blunt and dooming messages that accompany them.

Your first marriage will end in divorce.

Your mother will die in the next three years.

You will miscarry in the month of May.

Project #3: Persona

Artist's Statement

In this project, I attempted to investigate the lab environment through the lens of my own experiences. In my investigations, I shot in 35 mm, pinhole, and medium format in a variety of lighting situations as I both mapped my environment and myself. These photos are a representation of my world view, where the 'sciences' and the 'arts' not only inform one another, but are the complementary faces in one experiential space. Compositionally, I attempted to layer contradiction in physical content as well as aesthetic by creating an amalgamation of the humanistic and the rational, the empathetic and the hygienic, and the aesthetic and the functional.

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