Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doing the London Thing

I woke up, looked at the clock, and realized it was 12:00. We got up quickly, and had a delicious lunch of organic salads and bread. After lunch, we hopped on the Tube, and went to the V and A museum. It is a great art museum. The photography exhibit, though not huge, was varied and interesting and had lots of examples of artists pushing the medium.

After the V & A we took the Tube to find Coby's family friend's art gallery so he could say goodbye. We walked around the very upscale section of London where the gallery is, being sure to stop in Harrods, the only single location super store in the world to make 1 billion pounds in one year. After this, we went to the British Museum. There is an overwhelming amount of stolen things in that one building. It was very nice, but hard to get over all the imperialism wrapped up in it. We were there for about two hours, when the museum kicked us out for closing time.

We walked from the museum to the theater to pick up our tickets, and went to a pub for fish and chips. We had a heated discussion over dinner, that resolved with more understanding than we had before--a successful argument. After dinner we walked back to the theater. We saw War Horse, a play about a boy whose horse gets sent into battle in World War I. It was a beautiful play, the stars of which were the horses--live sized puppets controlled by three people, with amazing amounts of expression. After the play, we just went home, I had a wicked headache, and I fell right into bed.

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  1. It's funny how you commented on the stolen things in the museum. (I actually laughed out loud--well said.)

    In India, where I'm sure many of the things you saw were stolen from, things have been "borrowed" from the west. For example, India has seemed to catch onto the dumbest of western ideas/trends, for example, the plastic bag, soap (rather than ashes, which actually keep you cleaner and are more readily available here in the city of death), and my personal favorite, umbrellas.
    Thanks, imperialism, capitalism, and globalization. You're the best.

    I'm glad you've gotten back to updating your blog!