Sunday, August 1, 2010

Return to Civilization

I woke up around 11:30, feeling well rested and grateful that yesterday was over. After a shower, Noon and I made breakfast. After eating, his mom drove us to the station, and we took a train into Victoria. There, I waited a bit for Coby. He found me, collected me, and took the tube to Notting Hill Gate, where the hostel is. I dropped my stuff off and we headed to Camdentown. We walked around for a long time, ate food from a stall, and looked at everything for sale. It is an eclectic place with lots of alternative shops and people. I was on serious sensory overload; at any one point I could see more people in Camdentown than people that live in Tornareccio.

We took the tube back and walked down Portobello street, lined with very quaint boutiques. After a short rest, we went to dinner at a pub slash Thai restaurant, with very good food. After dinner, we walked to the movie theater, and saw Inception. I am still trying to regain my balance. It was amazing.


  1. David,

    Hey, how long are you in London for? If you're in the city through next weekend, you must check out Borough Market, it's beneath London Bridge on Fridays and weekends. Take the Southwark tube station. And eat a raclette.

  2. i've seen inception 3 times. hurry up and come back so we can talk about how it blows my mind.

    then again, don't hurry. take a slow walk, look up and down, and bring stories. i am back at your house with cori and peter - they just love me too much, i know.