Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 0: Taking off

Today begins my journey. I am headed in a few hours to Dulles International Airport, from where I will be flying to Nice, France. I have with me a big backpack and a little backpack; surely enough stuff for 10 weeks in Europe.

I have a place to stay the first three nights, and no plans beyond that. I have registered for workaway.info, a site that connects people who need someone's help, and travelers trying to live on the cheap. I hope to work doing construction, farming or gardening, and (re)learn French, and we'll see where this takes me. I was planning on bringing a massage table, but as it costs $350 to bring it on the plane, my plans have changed. This means I have no real source of income, but also much less hassle.

Depending on my access to internet, which, as everything else this summer, is unknown, I hope to update this blog three times a week. Please leave comments, telling me about your experiences, giving me suggestions, and of course for a dose of love.

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