Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 24: J'aurai du quitter centreville et m'installer in Italia

The first time I woke up this morning was at four am, when my family left for Geneva. I fell right back asleep, and woke up again at 7:30. I showered, grabbed some breakfast in the hotel, and ran some errands. First I bought some more credit for my phone; I was told I can only buy credit in France, so hopefully I have enough now for the next four weeks. Then, I bought a fresh, hot baguette for the road. My last errand was returning the gear I took by accident from the bike shop yesterday.

I got back to the hotel, grabbed my bags, and checked out. I walked to the train station, and only got a little lost. I got on the bus to Courmayeur, and settled in. On the bus, I began my Italian study, I have tapes and an accompanying book. I'm having a lot of fun with it, if not learning a ton of Italian. I waited for a little at the Courmayeur station, then got on the bus to Aosta. After the almost two hour ride, I got off in Aosta. There, I bought my tickets to Rome, and had two hours to kill before my first train. I walked around, went to some roman ruins, and then parked myself in a park and read for 45 minutes. I then got on the train.

It was hot, and didn't get to my second stop on time. It got in 17 minutes late, and I only had fifteen minutes between when I was supposed to arrive and my next train, so I missed my train. I changed my tickets, and sat outside and people-watched for the next 45 minutes. I got on the next hot train, and took that to Milano.

In Milano I got straight on my next train, a fast train direct to Rome. It was also hot, but a nice time to read, study Italian, and rest. When I got to Rome, I called my cousins, and walked twenty minutes to their apartment. Diane is a photographer and teaches cooking classes too, and Alan is a tour guide; last week he took Ben Stiller and family on a tour, and Diane did a cooking class with them, in the apartment I'm in now. We ate a delicious dinner Diane put together while talking about photography, what brought me here, and the touring business. I showered, and now we're watching the end of the Ghana Uruguay game.

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