Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 35: Work Begins

Today, I started to work. Unfortunately, the superintendency will not allow me to share any images, so I am very sorry in advance for a bland blog. I first shot clay posts that were used to hold up a crock-pot. They were in bad shape; crumbling everywhere, and they took me a long time to shoot. I did, however, begin to get the hang of it. I spent all day in the "studio" (pictures to come), and got a good bit done. After the messy posts, I shot some very small objects--lamp shards, perfume jar shards, stamped pottery and terracotta.

The work is fun. It is not very artistic, rather much more scientific. But, in that way, it is challenging and satisfying. With each object, I have a problem: how to represent this three dimensional object in two dimensions. How do I use the limited equipment I have--basically two lights, a table, some paper, a camera, and playdoh--to make an image. I have the camera hooked up to my computer, so I am controlling everything on the computer and I can see the image full size right when I take it. It is a continual lesson in making do with what I have, and of course, as with all photography, in light. The placement of lights and reflectors make all the difference; I can make an image very flat, or, by moving the lights just a few inches, pop out and tell a story.

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  1. despite the fact that i am all about pictures, this is my favorite post so far. the fact that you are so challenged in very exciting to me, and it seems like you're enjoying it; i know you will have fun and do a fantastic job. i would love to skype tomorrow if you get this! miss ya!