Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 34: Hikes in Heat

I woke up, and had some pastries Jamie had grabbed. We headed to the school, and Sam took Jamie and I up the mountain. We had until 11:30, when he was going to meet us at the waterfall that is, at this point in the summer, a very small trickle. We hiked on roads, trails, through fields, woods, and everything in between. Jamie found lots of terraces to study, and the weather was nice. We got back to the waterfall with twenty minutes extra, and I laid down to snooze. As soon as I had put my head down, Sam showed up and picked us up.

We ate lunch, and then I went upstairs to play the organ. In the stairway just above my studio is a small organ. What could be more fun. After messing around for a bit, Jamie got me, and we met Susan and Ed, who took us back up the hill. This time, we were going to walk back on our own. This afternoon, the hike was hot. Though we weren't out long, it felt like forever, and we were glad to get back. Half way through the hike, I started dreaming of the gelato at the bottom. But, when we got down, Bar Central was closed; presumably due to Italy's siesta from 2-5ish. We headed back to the school, and I looked for work, but there wasn't much for me to do. I made some calls, then went back and showered etc.

We had a delicious dinner of lamb, potatoes, corn, spaghetti, and melon. After dinner, Eli, Jamie and I headed upstairs to plunk on the organ. After a bit, we went back downstairs. As I was about to call Naomi for her birthday (Happy birthday Naomi! 14!), Moon slinked off mysteriously with two glasses of wine; and returned soon after with Keith, the longest standing student of the Sangro Valley Project field school, now complete with a PhD in archeology, and his girlfriend. We sat behind the school and chatted for a bit, and then I successfully called Naomi. After some more shmoozing, it was time for bed.

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