Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 33: Sunday

I woke up, ate some bread and jam, and went downstairs to the Bar Central for a cappuccino. I drank it quickly and walked to the school with Eli. After a short powwow, we got to work. I finished putting the pieces of the studio together, and then started to shoot. I have a few different set ups that I wanted to try, and I wanted to figure out what I was missing, etc. It went well. Of course, as with everything, there will be lots of challenges, but they will be fun and interesting challenges. I worked until lunch, and went down to eat.

After lunch, I worked with Susan a little, showing her what I had done, thinking about which were the best. At two, Jamie and I got in Sam's car. He drove us up to the Samonite walls and dropped us off. For the next few hours, we hiked back to town. Jamie is studying the terraces on the mountain--and all the places where, in the past three thousand years, humans have changed the landscape for their own purposes. So as we walked, he stopped often to write in his field book, look at his compass, and mark places on his map. I was there mostly just in case of an emergency, so I took photos, and talked with him. We talked about Oberlin, about Archeology, about beekeeping, etc. it was a really nice hike.

We got back and had some time to relax. After reading and showering, we headed to the car, and drove a few minutes to the only restaurant within twenty minutes from here. We took the seats right in front of the small TV, ordered fries, several different pizzas, and wine, and watched the world cup final. After a very fun, very long time at the restaurant, we came back and went to bed.

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  1. david, your pictures are fantastic! it looks like you're having an amazing adventure. i think i could stare at the pictures of those mountains forever and ever and ever...........