Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 26: Lazy in Rome

We met Mary at the coffee bar, and spent a long time there talking. It was cooler today, so being outside was a bit nicer. We went back to the apartment, and I was going to go walk around Rome, but I wasn't feeling very inspired. I spent a long time resting, trying to figure out next moves, etc. By two thirty, I was ready to see some sights.

I hopped a bus that took me across the river, and spent the next few hours exploring the streets. I happened upon Gelato del Teatro, one of the the best gelaterias in Rome, that Alan had mentioned yesterday. I got the chocolate with wine and chocolate with orange. It was amazing. You can see them in the back making the gelato. Yum. I explored, taking photos and wandering. I took the tram to get back; I always enjoy foreign public transportation, so it was a treat, even though it was packed.

When I returned, I gave Diane another massage. Not long after, she went out to a dinner party. I had expected to eat some food and see Rome; but by the time I was done cooking an egg, I was exhausted, and was asleep before 11.

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